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OM the ultimate GOD of the being and existence once thought to make a supernatural powerful boy who can strike with own will and can protect the Adobe from demons and evil beings. With the help of Shivani he made a boy with strength of controlling any known objects in the 14th universe. Accepting the facts of being immortal where they will never become old at the rate which humans do, Durja was born with inhuman strength and power. Shivani wanted to show her creation to the other GOD and called everyone. Lord Shan from planet Cronos didn’t came to show his affection to the newborn, Shivani called him and asked to be there.
But as a power of destroying any alive being by his mRdnAti rays Lord Shan asked Shivani not to call him in the event as that might destroy the new born who don’t have the power fully evolved. Shivani didn’t hear the facts and took Durja near Shan and by his destructive eye-rays the head of the kid was destroyed. With the help of Akshaya, the best friend of OM, Shivani managed to get the head of an elephant who is the pet of Indra the lord of Thunder, which saved the baby. In due course of time OM learned the facts and gave Durja the power of immortality and no known factor in the 14 realms can destroy him. Durja usually don’t fight directly rather he helps others to achieve their goals, which puts the balance of nature.
He is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom.




5' 9 "


250 pounds


Superhuman strength and stamina, resistance of injury. Can call powers from any object and strike his opponent.


Can appear anytime anywhere and can fight with his super powers.

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